Leadership, Organization And Administration

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EADM 611: LEADERSHIP, ORGANIZATION & ADMINISTRATION ASSIGNMENT 8 Endia L. Hatcher Regent University Abstract The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how school leaders, who promote a vision that all students will learn using IDEA and the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), ensure that the needs of children with disabilities are met while improving educational outcomes. As with economics as John F. Kennedy coined, “A rising tide lifts all”, therefore improving the instructional policies and practices in the special education classroom ensures the benefit of all students. Today, schools must provide students with disabilities appropriate access to the general curriculum and effective instructional support. Student progress must be monitored closely and demonstrated through participation in assessment efforts. The school leader’s role is pivotal in this process. EADM 611: LEADERSHIP, ORGANIZATION & ADMINISTRATION ASSIGNMENT 8 Research has demonstrated that principals who focus on instructional issues, demonstrate administrative support for special education, and provide high-quality professional development for teachers produce enhanced outcomes for students with disabilities and for others at risk for school failure (DiPaola & Walther-Thomas, 2013). 1 Corinthians 12:25 demonstrates the movement that special education has transformed into student success, “so that there would be no schisms in the body, but that the parts would have the same care for each other”. Federal
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