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Peter O’Brian
Due: October 7, 2012

Week 5 Leadership Outline: 100 point

I. Introduction
My project is about Peter O’Brian who completed the same major as myself but also doubled it with film. Something I look to doing in the near future. O’Brian has a BA in Communications and in Film he is a Canadian Producer and is considered “perhaps one of Canada's best-known film producers” (Kayne, 2003). O’Brian is someone I aspire to be because of his background with my degree and with my passion for film. O’Brian has overcome many obstacles and has built a beautiful foundation for future entrepreneurs to follow. O’Brian is an expert in communications because he had to market himself to get funding for his films, he had to
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He has created his own production company and sits on many boards to better himself and his business (Canadian Film Encyclopedia).

V. Define Your Leadership Qualities
My leadership qualities are: being passionate/dedicated, assertive, magnanimity and open minded. My strengths are generating great ideas and getting people pumped to take action. From taking a personality test (Personality Test Center) from this course I’ve learned that I fit into the career I have planned for myself. I also realized that I love to start projects but am not always so keen on finishing them; which is a HUGE problem for me. One personal strength I possess, that can help support success in the future, is that I am great at public speaking. I know how to handle myself in the public setting and also love the environment. A weakness it finishing projects, I love to get them started but when it comes to the middle work I drag. I love the ending work when all the middle work is done but it is a matter of being in the mood to do it. I am going to improve on this by at least trying to start or force myself to make head way and not wait to become “inspired” because that also can lead to procrastination of the project in itself. VI. Conclusion
Peter O’Brian is an evolutional film maker and self-publicist. He is someone I aspire to be like and with his success I feel that he can help motivate me to action and become the person I want to be. His

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