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Advanced Leadership Skills I grew up in a conservative family. My father has served in the Philippine military and the Philippine government most of his life, and my mother was a dedicated nurse midwife and professor at a university hospital. Serving and caring for people has become second nature to my family. My father was strict and a disciplinarian; he did not allow my family to be out of the house after 6:00 p.m. He believed that it was important to have every member of the family home for dinner. It was from him that I learned the value of self-discipline, respect, and the importance of good education. Meanwhile, my mother was the go-to person for most of our relatives and family friends. Our home was open to anyone who was in…show more content…
In addition to knowing who I am, I must continually practice and refresh my skills to become an effective leader. In his article, Kotter (2001) has differentiated the roles of a manager from those of a leader. A manager organizes and promotes stability, while leaders inspire others to achieve a vision and embrace change. Kotter’s work has given me a clear understanding of where to exercise my leadership skills when they are called for. I have been working in a management position for almost 12 years, but this article allowed me to fully appreciate that a manager’s role might vary while overseeing the operations of a unit, whereas a leader must be able to assist those who follow him or her through an organization’s constant changes. The Advanced Leadership course also allowed me to interact with three great nurse leaders who are passionate about and successful in their respective practices. First, Matt Quinn, in his lecture shared his experiences on changing a disruptive unit into a unit that fosters teamwork. As a novice manager, Quinn was able to influence a culture of change in his unit. His moral values and professional responsibilities acted as his foundation when he was making decisions for certain patient care situations. He shared the importance of fostering a trusting relationship between the staff and the manager and the importance of collaborative work in order to deliver the
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