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Mini Case Study - Time to Rebound at Willow Pond Heather Osaka had worked ten years in the hospital administration field, at two hospitals, one HMO, and one nursing home. However, she had yet to hold a chief administrator position. One afternoon, she received a text message from Jake Wofford, a former classmate who was now in the executive recruiting business. “Maybe a great opportunity for you. Get back.” said the message. Osaka did get back to Wofford quickly. The opportunity to which he referred was a position as the director of Willow Pond, a medium-size assisted living home in the same city where Osaka now lived. “Assisted living” refers to helping older residents who are not quite able to care for themselves, yet do not require…show more content…
Hence, both charismatic and transformational leaderships are important for Heather Osaka. In order to transform Willow Pond which has tonnes of problem into a better organisation, charismatic and transformational leadership is best strategy to apply by Heather. By becoming a charismatic leaders, Heather can bring a vision into the organisation and transform it. Before Heather accepts the job from Jake Wofford, Heather makes her effort to communicate with the staff, owners and residents in Willow Pond in order to understand the current situations and problem encountered. Her action about her willingness to understand, communicate and listen to people demonstrates good charismatic and transformational leadership. What aspects of transformational leadership should Heather emphasize in her approach to rehabilitating Willow Pond? There are mainly four aspect in transformational leadership which are individualised consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation and idealised influence. Heather should then start with individualised consideration by creating an analysis on the changes that need to be made in detail. In this case study, Heather did practice transformational leadership when she try to understand the current situation and communicate with staffs, owners and residents for current situation and problem. An effective leaders will listen to others and fully utilise internal and external
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