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Shanda Moore
Business Leadership
BUS 5453. 49
Leadership Development Project: DISC
Dr. LaSharnda Beckwith
April 27, 2013

Section One
Directing | Influencing | Steadiness | Conscientious | | | | | | | | |

(1) Behavioral Style:
Based on the results of the DISC Assessment, my results were inconclusive and an accurate result couldn’t be determined. This proves that as a leader, I try to please everyone and look for common grounds between differentiating groups that satisfy their expectations. This can be a disadvantage because acting as a “perfectionist” on most occasions can cause stress and lead to further problems in the future both mentally and physically. My behavioral tendencies tend to target
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This area should establish confidence for the leader to be encouraged, especially within time constraints, that all requirements have been met without second guessing the work that has been completed. There may be times where I do sacrifice results for harmony. When conflict arises between team members, I tend to focus on resolving the issue at hand in a personal manner instead of a professional manner. As a leader, it is important to keep personal beliefs separate from professional beliefs. In this particular situation, instead of instilling for the individuals to set their differences aside in order to complete the assignment given, I focus more on resolving their personal issues ignoring the tasks given to keep the peace between the individuals. As a perfectionist, I tend to be set in my ways and the future I may tend to resist change. Although implementing new strategies to become more effective in the workplace, if a strategy works for me, I believe in the future it will result in a positive outlook. However, change is sometimes necessary in order to become more effective and efficient as a leader. (4) Motivational Style
My motivational style that I lean the strongest towards is Steadiness based on the results from the DISC assessment. This style illustrates that I am more directed to basing my leadership off of Relationship and Appreciation.
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