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In the changing business environment, leaders of all organisations may face unprecedented uncertainty, especially the technology advancement and changes among the employees. To survive and succeed, leaders should have some necessary attributes. Meanwhile, some changes for leadership skills have to be made to confront the challenges.
Two reports( Ladkin & Weber 2011; Cappelli et al. 2010) and a reflection (Useem 2010) discuss current business leadership issues in a global business environment . While in the article “Leadership Issues and Challenges in the Tourism Industry: A Hong Kong Perspective”, which focuses on Hong Kong business leaders, the author Ladkin & Weber have a different overall position compared to the
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argue that the leader should have ability to cope with uncertainty’ , ‘ to persistently improvise around obstacles’ (P.97).
All the writers take the similar viewpoint that the leaders should have the ability to communicate with employees effectively so that they will be able to guide and inspire subordinates. Capelli et al. point out ‘empowering through communication’ (P.95) and give the example of Indian companies. They believe human capital is the motivation of the business companies. And the other specific ways are ‘creating a sense of mission’ (P.94), ‘Engaging through transparency and accountability’ (P.94), ‘Investing in training’ (P.95). Similarly, Useem states that the leaders should empower employees by giving them more responsibility, also ‘Convey strategic intention’ (P.77) tell them what to do but now how. In contrast, Ladkin & Weber do not discuss empowerment, rather inspiring them through passion. He also states that the communication between employees and customers is important.
All three articles discuss mission and vision of leaders. Ladkin & Weber claimed leaders need training and communication, they need long-term view for objective and ‘company vision’ (P.278). By contrast, Useem
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