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Q1: From your perspective, based on the video and articles for this activity, how did GE create a growth culture important and what are the keys to being an innovative organization? Please explain each.
Ans: For an organization to continually grow, innovation must be embedded in its culture. Innovation is a behavior that is required to be a part of every employee’s job. This necessitates an organization to present its employees with platforms wherein they can express their ideas such as the LIG program, as in the case of General Electric, to deliberate organic growth day in and day out. Innovation is effectively advertized in an organization where managers individually and collectively lead by example by way of their behavior, their
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To achieve this goal the organization ought to invest time and money “now”, without affecting its current performance, i.e. innovation requires time and resources which should be planned for in such a way that it doesn’t affect the organization’s current functions. This implies that the company must boast of a very strong core to continue its current operations while focusing on the future. • Creating new concepts with a common vocabulary: The creation of new concepts and a novel vocabulary to go along with it is also one of the keys to innovation. Providing new framework and ideas is critical. New terms that express these ideas better are also equally important, apart from accelerating the change process they make the objectives very clear to personnel who are responsible for executing the proposed plan. • Action/ Execution Plan: The key to innovation also lies in a clear and achievable execution/ action plan. The plan should be such that it is made by the team members themselves. This would initiate a sentiment of ownership and the team would collectively be obliged to follow it through. Therefore, any number of innovation initiatives that are undertaken must be executed in order to reap their benefits in future.

Q2: How did home depot address the challenge of changing their culture? Are these strategies transferrable to other organizations? Why or why not?
Ans: Well before affecting
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