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Team Leadership Bryant Hedgeman MGT/521 June 22, 2015 Natalie Casale Team Leadership Putting a team together is always a difficult task. Placing individual talents into perspective positions, and having to hope they flourish in their role is one of the most rewarding and discouraging roles of upper management. A well placed team will be able complete each task proficiently and move onto the next task without much difficulty, but the on the other hand, a mismanaged team will have to work three times as hard because they are not working to their strengths. Winum and Seamons (2000) believed the application of that model is described in an organization where a new leader identified a team-based approach as a critical…show more content…
Miller (1996) states that leading a Team to High Performance successful leader must have a vision and the ability to share that dream of the future with enthusiasm, credibility and hope. Also, collaboration requires honesty so the leader must be consistent, credible and reliable. By creating a department atmosphere where each employee knows the end goal of the company, they feel more accountable for their actions to get to that goal. Giving the employees the information that they are a part of a bigger event will make them feel the importance of each decision they make which would weed out those from the cream of the crop. Determining Success through Leadership. Many times when it comes to leadership, there are as many success as there are failures. When putting a team together, a manager must be able to recognize that a failure is just an unexpected part of the plan. “Perhaps the most impressive characteristic of leaders is how they respond to failure. Effective leaders minimize error and accentuate the positive, thus empowering others. Team members feel that what they do is important and are willing to learn and develop further competence. Leaders who value knowledge will influence the team to do the same.” (Miller, 2014, para.5). As management decides the best course of action for the new department,
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