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Chelcie Bailey Dr. Dieu English 347 2/3/2016 Post War From Different Perspectives Every person has some kind of good and evil traits within their personality, but what really defines good and evil? People from different cultures could consider different traits to be “good” or “evil” or even a little of both. There are times in life where a person has to make certain choices that could be interoperated both ways. In this paper, I will be analyzing different characters in the story “The Good Women of Suzutan” and what type of role each personality plays within the story in order to give the audience a chance to come up with their own ending. The story starts out with three gods looking for a place to stay while they are in Suzutan.…show more content…
Shui Ta is the antagonist of the story because he is the one who is thought to be “evil” by Shen Te’s friends. They feel that Shui Ta makes drastic and unfair decisions only because he tells them no and stops giving things away. Shui Ta could care less what people think about him and uses common sense. Shui Ta helps Shen Ta by getting rid of her problems and fixing deals that she had previously made. After months of Shen Te pretending to be Shui Ta, her friends start to wonder what had happened to her. It is then a police officer arrests Shui Ta in suspicion on him doing harm to Shen Te. The reader will never know if the people of Setzuan get the law involved because they actually care about Shen Te’s wellbeing or if it’s because she is no longer there to give them things. Once Shui Ta is arrested she is taken to meet with a judge who ends up being the gods in disguise. Not having any other options, Shen Te is forced to reveal herself to the gods and show them that she has been portraying Shui Ta this whole time in order to fix her problems. Without Shui Ta, the tobacco shop would have closed down and Shen Te would have no other means to continue to give to others. Shen Te feels that portraying her cousin was her only option to put a stop to her gracious but carless giving. In the end, the gods leave Shen Te and she is stuck on her own to contemplate her

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