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Leadership project Product Description The project I chose to demonstrate my leadership on was to go around the Frostburg community picking up recycling and then dumping it in a local landfill. I first chose this project to work on because I thought, how could I help Frostburg and give back to the community? By recycling products and going green, these products can eventually be reprocessed and re-used without having it go to waste. I mainly decided to collect recycling to maintain and keep Frostburg clean and liter free. It establishes a healthy environment for locals, students and staff around the area. Going green and keeping the community environmentally friendly is highly stressed around the world today. Any kind…show more content…
With my project, I did this through three styles of leadership, using portions from each. First, I acted as a charismatic leader using transformational leadership to motivate my followers. I then used the democratic leadership style. Unlike the autocratic style, I encouraged my followers to participate in the decision making process by sharing any ideas or objections they had to better my project (Lussier, R. & Achua, C. 2010, p. 70). However, I did have the goals and plan already established previously to meeting with them. Once all this was put into place, I focused on getting the job done through the steps I planned using the task-oriented style. Using transformational leadership depends on the situation your in. I figured this style was the most important one to use because it transforms followers into self-motivated “leaders” while still supporting them (Lussier, R. & Achua, C. 2010, p. 350). I wanted to motivate my followers from the start so that they could guide themselves the rest of the way. Because collecting recyclables is mostly manual labor, it was hard to motivate and influence my followers at first. By motivating my self, it inspired Gilbert and Antonio to be motivated as well. I showed enthusiasm when meeting with them to show how determined I was. I told them that I wanted our team to be the best one knowing other groups were doing similar

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