Leadership Perspective : An Interview With A Chief Executive Officer

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Leadership Perspective: An Interview with a Chief Executive Officer Current founder of RMA Armament, Inc, this CEO has the heart of a servant leader. He has had numerous opportunities throughout his life to lead by embracing the heart of a servant. From previous experience, working for the Rawlins Police Department, he helped accomplish the goals of the department, contributing to the quality of life in Rawlins, WY. There he was directed under the mission of service to the community through crime prevention and partnership with the community. As a member of the US Marine Corps, he was given the opportunity to lead by example. Being our nation’s first line of defense, he was led with the purpose of “defending our nation at home, and protecting her interests abroad.” (www.marines.mil) Maries are taught to remain faithful to the mission at hand, to each other, to the Corps, and to country, no matter what. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Police Science from Colorado Technical University. Currently, he manages daily operations by overseeing sales and marketing, manufacturing, and research and development of armor plates. Furthermore, his peers would say that he is a trustworthy, honest businessman with a passion for saving lives. Due to the distance between Alabama and Iowa, this interview takes place through a series of emails and phone conversations. Mr. CEO was a very humble, wise man that gave great insights into true leadership.
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