Leadership Philosophy : Dr. Sydney Scott

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My Leadership Philosophy Karamjit Hanjra Student ID 1645097 Date: 18th February MADS 6709 Dr. Sydney Scott Fairleigh Dickinson University Leaders are those influential people who carry with themselves the responsibility to inspire others to attain a vision. A leader does not puts greatness into people, rather recognises the greatness that they already have. A leader can have endless attributes to be considered but what matters is the attributes that shine within him and makes him a good leader. History witnesses a dictionary of leaders and their own philosophies. Followers make the leader learn more about their own development of skills. Leader-follower fit just right is a challenge to be achieved. Though I truly believe that…show more content…
In a style which clearly communicates its vision, blends its traits, be participative, innovative, transformational, always growing and strong relationship approaches. I favour the style which allows for a change on the basis of situation. An exploring leader tackles situation in blending styles, whether it is at any level in an organisation. A leader’s timely decision can put the organization one step ahead. Effective Communication plays an important role when it comes to handling a tricky situation. Effective, concise and clear communication would manifest best results. I believe in having several traits; Understanding the skill gap, clear communication, need for change at the required time and empowerment of team members to name a few. A Leader creates the standards of excellence by their unique magnetism and attracts others to see the possibilities in the future. I believe in today’s world the need for flexibility in switching from one style to another is of utmost importance. This way you can make sure that there is a perfect balance in personal and professional life. It is very well said by Don Shula “I don’t know any other way to lead but by an example” (Shula). I strongly favour this quote for my life as well. I am an aspiring Human Resource Manager and with my masters in Human Resource, I can make a significant change in any organization by setting examples for my team. As already discussed are
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