Leadership Philosophy Statement Ten years ago, I was employed with my local school district a

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Leadership Philosophy Statement Ten years ago, I was employed with my local school district a school secretary at one of the district elementary schools. On a Friday afternoon in mid-April as I prepared to complete my weeks work, my administrator called me into her office. The administrator explained that due to a cut in funding, the district issued a list of individual that would be let go at the conclusion of the school year. The individuals on the list would be allowed to interview at other schools within the district, but were not guaranteed a position for the following school year. I had worked for the district for four years at the time, however, I had the fewest years in service of any other paraprofessional on campus. My…show more content…
I somehow believed that by working hard, maintaining good grades, and applying myself, I would develop an increased level of competence. I was shocked to realize that the level of competence I strove for wasn’t presenting itself to me no matter how many classes I took. Acting from the foundation of honesty, integrity, flexibility, reflexive and reflective thinking, I move toward each situation seeking to work collaboratively with others to find common ground from which to successfully accomplish organizational goals and objectives. Supporting Rational Understanding that the answer does not always lie in the familiar, I look into alternative approaches to resolving or accomplishing what is needed. Often these alternatives result from collaborative efforts, result in new perspectives, and yield an abundant pool of experiences (Avolio & Yammarino, 2008). Fundamental to these collaborative efforts effective dialog. Nested in the constructionist theories, the communication involved within the collaborative activities provides the opportunity for both internal and external reflection. Internal reflection shows me where my mental obstacles are, why they exist, and allow for starting point from which true personal growth can occur. External reflection allows me to observe others and the way in which they function under different conditions and in different situations. Taking the theoretical knowledge gained through academic
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