Leadership Point of View

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Leadership Point of View

Activity 6.6

Dan Sweeny

Indiana Wesleyan MBA

Throughout the “Applied Management Concepts” coursework, teachings from Blanchard and Robbins, DeCenzo, and Coulter have been numerous in an effort to explain and portray a leadership point of view, defined by the Blanchard as their “thoughts about leading and motivating people” (Blanchard, 2010). Naturally, this book has examined Blanchard’s leadership point of view, and while it may seem like a model for creating one’s own point of view, everyone will have a different style, even if only slightly. I will examine and determine my leadership point of view in hopes to become more conscious and purposeful in
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I then took on the role of president of my college club tennis team. This was perhaps the most important leadership role I had before entering the work force, because it was like running a business. It required holding other members accountable for their jobs, including recruitment, fund raising, logistics, etc. If the team failed as an “organization”, it rested on my shoulders. This was the first time I really felt a heavy responsibility to lead well. There was no longer a buffer in the form of an adult who took ultimate responsibility. The previous examples are all fairly amateur in nature, but my first job out of college threw me into the world of real world management. It was unlike anything I had done before and required me to learn many lessons quickly, often times the hard way. In high school and college, I was leading friends. When I started working, I was leading others that, in terms of an organizational hierarchy, were technically below me. I had trouble learning to be a good boss instead of a good friend. The two are often impossible to mix. Having developed more friendships in the initial stages, it became harder to be a boss. I learned that becoming employees’ friends was not appropriate and could be detrimental to everyone involved. Now, I realize the balance I need to have. I do like to portray myself as a servant leader, joining with my employees to get the job done, but I like to keep
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