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Leadership Development Plan Goal: To become a successful Product Manager; lead teams using transformational leadership model; and network effectively with professionals of my field. I am new to the field of Product Management and while my previous experiences leverage this decision, it still remains a challenging proposition to succeed in this field. In this regard, I am writing this leadership plan which will be my guiding force throughout my professional life. The document will be updated as and when underlying goals are met and the bar of defining success extended. The three most important competencies which I will strive to improve are: 1. Skills: * A competent product manager must have a diverse skillset and I plan on…show more content…
* The course taught me how to be an effective leader. I shall strive to include “intellectual stimulation” and “inspirational motivation” within my leadership portfolio. * This shall be done by incorporating and incentivizing innovation driven environment. * 360 degree feedback (learnt through one of the classroom discussion) shall quantify success made in implementing such an environment within the team. * Through the self-assessment on Leadership style and Emotional intelligence, I drew the inference that while I am good at gauging the emotions of my direct reports and peers, I often don’t intervene to better cement my professional relationship. It shall be my earnest endeavor to be more emotionally aware and apathetic. * During a discussion with my previous team leader Mr. Pradip Parmar, I should work more on improving my knowledge sharing skills within the team. I will try to disseminate my domain knowledge by organizing weekly sessions in my team and involving team members to chip in with inputs. Five year development plan and checkpoints: Year | Checkpoints | Intended Results | 1 | * Take academic courses and read journal articles on product management (Journal of Product Innovation Management) * Read literature on leadership * Request feedback from team members and career advisors on both action points | * Take at least 5 academic courses on product management and read 5 articles
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