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MCOM200 Management Communication GROUP REPORT 2008 b MCOM231- 08(A) Group Report: Leadership, Power & Influence. {draw:frame} Which form of power has the best influence on effective leadership? Word count: 2,746 Executive Summary Leadership, power and influence is a theme within management that is constantly developing overtime. Leaders are continuously developing new and innovative ways to empower their followers in order to get the best out of them. For the purpose of this report, we have decided to look at the assumption that leadership is based on the different types of relationships between people, rather than the skills and abilities of just one person. We know this theory allows for a network of…show more content…
Leaders that hold power such as that of the referent, legitimate and expert types can be categorized as being socialized and authentic leaders. “Socialized and authentic leaders…are other-oriented and work to empower followers in an effort to achieve collective goals”. (Journal of business ethics) Common themes within this literature favour such leaders that gain the respect of followers and in turn hold power that they use in a positive way. Unlike those leaders who abuse their authortative position, and rely on coercive power to “gain respect through instilling fear”. (The power image) It is appears that those leaders who are ‘socialized and authentic’ achieve much more success as they are able to get followers onside and work toward a common vision. Method To gather the necessary information required for this report, we were to research online on the RSNZ website, (http:// rsnz.leadership.org) to find the seven video interviews of well-known New Zealand leaders, to hear their discussions and thoughts on leadership. This method required us to watch all seven videos and take notes on the parts we felt may be relevant for our report. In a group of six, it made sense to delegate the tasks of video watching down to easy manageable parts, for everyone to complete in their own time and bring back to the group at a later date. We had one group member assigned to research and present a discussion on all the different forms of leadership

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