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Personal Leadership Profile Abstract The following report is a reflective a case study of Jane Goodall, the influential leader who I admire. I have analyze the various dimensions of the Jane Goodall’s strengths and limitations through data collections from reputable sources, evaluating her personal traits, behavioral styles, situational responsiveness, communication skills ,and other dimensions of leadership. I have also evaluated my own strengths and limitations of these same dimensions, compiling a personal leadership profile that summarizes what I admired about Jane Goodall and how I compare my own leadership strengths and limitations to hers. Introduction I will be analyzing the leader I admire and inspire to be like, Jane…show more content…
The Five Factor model uses the following traits: neuroticism, extraversion, and agreeableness, openness and conscientiousness to rate someone’s traits on a scale of effectiveness as a leader. Each trait is explained below: The tendency to be emotionally reactive, anxious, susceptible to stress, hostile, and insecure would describe the traits of a person with neuroticism or neurotic tendencies, neuroticism is rated low on effectiveness according to the Factor Five Model. Goodall’s attempts to gain access to chimpanzee’s habit required hours of quiet reflection and meditation, she sat for weeks before the first chimp approached her. This kind of diligence and perseverance is not expected from a person with neurotic tendency. Nor do I see neurotic qualities in myself. Extraversion, or the tendency to be energetic, assertive, and sociable is rated as a highly effective trait for leaders within the Factor Five model. Goodall has demonstrated both introverted and extraverted traits during her life’s works, her year of study in Africa with the chimps required methodical thinking and a great deal of solitude behaviors often exhibited in introverted approaches, however her years following the two decades in Africa, where spent educating and motivating people, requiring more extraverted tendencies. I feel Goodall possesses both qualities of introverts and extroverts. I have always been a more extraverted person with high

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