Leadership Profile : What Makes A Great Leader? Essay

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What is leadership profile and what it means to you as an individual? What makes a great leader? These are questions that have been asked and researched for years. Well, I’m going to try to explain my theory on what leadership profile means from my point of view. Leadership profile is the mode you view a leader from your observation on how they lead. Research has been conducted by Evans., and Matthew (2016) at Development Dimensions (DDI) International exam database of assessment data for more the 15,000-plus leaders in 300 organizations, 20 industries and 18 countries and the results reported high –resolution leadership including numerous findings about leadership skill and readiness. There is no one pattern of how these leadership profile can be governed; however, you can rest assure it can be effective if used appropriately. These results have lead me to my definition of a leader, which is a leader is anyone who has affected your life by taking the role of a leader or anyone who you would follow to the ends of this earth. Though the way I understand leadership profiles may be somewhat different from the way you perceive it, nonetheless in my understanding leadership profile is the manner in which you interpret the person who has the knowledge to lead. Nowadays, with all this research being conducted on the subject there is no truthful way to narrow down an accurate answer to the questions above, but researchers are determined to continue their endless research in this
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