Leadership Qualifications in the LeBLANC Group

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A Research Paper:

Leadership Qualifications in the LeBLANC Group

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1. Introduction Pg. 3

1. LeBLANC Group Profile Pg. 3

1. The Problem Pg. 4

2. Purpose of the Paper Pg. 4

3. Developing the Academic foundation of Leadership Pg. 4

1. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Pg. 4

2. Leadership that gets Results Pg. 6

3. Primal Leadership Pg. 7

4. The Quintessential Leader Pg. 9

5. Theoretical Leadership Model Pg. 10

6. Conclusion Pg. 12

7. Bibliography Pg. 14

Appendix 1 Pg. 16
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At the same time the person will need to continuously keep the company in the eyes of the many prospective clients all the while being able to keep up with the ever changing technologies in the industry.

Through time the concept and interpretation of leadership has gone through many changes as will be seen in this paper. These changes have been ever-improving on the last one but also changing in the requirements of the leader and of the situation of the day. The problem today is that companies are finding it difficult to look for a single source of advice when it comes to the guidance and education for their middle managers in order to try and pinpoint the potential top leader amongst them. This is the nature of leadership however, but through research and a collection of aspects one can start to narrow that search so as to find the qualities that are needed in leadership in our modern society. They may be varied and numerous but they are nonetheless collectible into one all-encompassing leadership model.

3. Purpose of this Paper

The purpose of this paper is to review various academic means to discuss the theories of leadership as investigated by Daniel Goleman and others and to link these up with additional resources to find a model for LeBLANC Group senior management to use in the identifying of

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