Leadership Qualities Of A Strong Storm

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Dark and ominous clouds linger afar, signaling the approach of a strong storm. We need to hurry.
“Andrew, scout out a spot to assemble the tent.”
“Derek, grab the green tent bag out of the trailer. Brian, go with and help. Hurry! We need to finish before the first drop if we don’t want to get wet!”
“The rest of us will haul up the cooking gear and cook supper over a fire.”
Understanding the situation, the Troop sets into action without any defiance. Every summer, my troop and I camp in the middle of the woods at Many Point Scout Camp. During the weeklong trip, I have been placed in positions that have given me the opportunities to display my knowledge of leadership qualities, such as giving guidance to others to insure completion of a task, motivation, making others feel important, and time management. Climbing the treacherous steps to the campsite, Jacob and I lug the bulky patrol boxes loaded with kitchen supplies to the designated kitchen area. Immediately, I analyze the situation. The clouds are darkening and rolling in fast. At the very most, we only have a couple hours until it hits. Time is of the essence.
“How is the tent coming along?” I asked Andrew, Derek, and Brian. “A few poles are troubling us, so we are going to need some extra man power.” Knowing the detailed instructions will be difficult for the tent crew to understand, I carefully instruct the guys in the cooking area what to do until I return. I walk with a mission up to the tent site and bring

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