Leadership Qualities Of Management

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Say a new manager is put in a position where they have to manage a project that involves building a new stadium in Augusta. That manager is able to find contracts that will help them build this stadium. As a manager, with no leadership qualities and only having the ability to manage, the workers only see the manager as just manager and nothing more. The manager is very formal with the workers and doesn’t see them as more than laborers. The stadium is soon finished and the manager is left with a decent stadium. Again, say this same manager is again put in a similar situation. This time, however, the manager has leadership qualities and not only has the ability to manage, but also to lead. The manager is both formal and informal with the…show more content…
A manager, according to the Business Dictionary, is “an individual who is in charge of a certain group of tasks, or a certain subset of a company.” A manager often has a staff of people who report to him or her. This paper will also refer to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or, MBTI, a thoughtful self-report survey with the purpose of indicating different psychological fondness in how people recognize the world around them and make decisions. All these terms and other general terms will all be used throughout the paper to explain why it is important for managers to receive leadership training and step into a leadership role.
It is often that the word “manager” and “leader” are tossed around as if they are the same. Admiral Grace Murray once said, “You manage things, you lead people.” Though managers and leaders may share similar roles when it comes to business one cannot use the words interchangeably. Leadership and Management are two individual and corresponding systems of action. The two have their own function and characteristic activities. A leader provides direction, in which the leader begins the vision and highlights its importance to everyone throughout the organization. A leader also progresses the strategies to make accomplishment possible and a leader copes with the change that the policies have produced, a change that is almost constant in the work environment. Leaders most also align people by connecting the direction and make it come
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