Leadership Qualities Of Ronald Reagan

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Leadership Of Ronald Reagan

When looking for an individual with very clear management styles as well as leadership skills that made a significant impact on both the United States and internationally, the first person that came to mind was Ronald Reagan. Not everyone can be both a manager with the ability to direct successfully and a leader with extraordinary proficiencies, but Reagan had the gift. It is not so hard to find a manager with leadership qualities or to find leaders with effective managerial skills. It takes a mix of the right ingredients to be prize-winning in both areas and this can be found in Ronald Reagan.
Former President Ronald Reagan was not born with these ingredients, nor were they just handed to him. According to Kim (2011), he did not go from small town boy to ‘leader of the free world’ by accident (p.14). She explains, Reagan faced challenges of various degrees throughout his career – including the devastating divorce from Jane Wyman, the loss of his Warner Bros. acting contract, and his unsuccessful bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 1976. Morrell (2011), then adds that his life slammed into a brick wall with the collapse of his movie career and the termination of his relationship with General Electric. (p. 9) Bad things happen to everyone, it is just a matter of how they deal with these situations. It appears as though Reagan capitalized from them, which at the end of the day made him stronger.
Reagan was the underprivileged kid from…

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