Leadership Quality- Bongobondhu Shekh Mujibor Rahman

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ASSIGNMENT ON LEADERSHIP BANGABANDHU SHEIKH MUJIBIR RAHMAN Introduction 1. The leader behind the independence struggle of Bangladesh was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a tall man with a bushy moustache. Like Nelson Mandela, he spent most of his prime lifetime in jail as he demanded justice, fair share and democracy for his people. Known as ‘Bangabandhu’, he was the very nucleus of independence movement and it was his towering popularity having super charismatic leadership under whose magnificent shadow Bangali fought and earned a sovereign country in 1971. Short biography: family background 2. Sheikh Mujib was born in Tungipara, a village in Gopalganj District on March 17, 1920. His father Sheikh Lutfur Rahman, was a serestadar, an officer…show more content…
In 1968. Mujib and 34 Bengali military officers were accused and arrested by the government of colluding with Indian government agents in a scheme to divide Pakistan and threaten its unity, order and national security. Which is known as Agartala Conspiracy Case. The government caved to the mounting pressure, dropped the charged and unconditionally released Mujib. He returned to East Pakistan as a public hero. 7. Joining an all-parties conference convened by Ayub Khan in 1969, Mujib demanded the acceptance of his six points and the demands of other political parties and walked out following its rejection. Mujib's declaration heightened tensions across the country. It was following his 6-point plan that Mujib was increasingly referred to by his supporters as "Bangabandhu" (literally meaning "Friend of Bengal" in Bengali. In the elections held in December 1970, the Awami League under Mujib's leadership won a massive majority in the provincial legislature, and all but two of East Pakistan's quota of seats in the new National Assembly, thus forming a clear majority. Following political deadlock, Yahya Khan delayed the convening of the assembly — a move seen by Bengalis as a plan to deny Mujib's party.It was on March 7, 1971 that Mujib called for independence and asked the people to launch a major campaign

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