Leadership Reflection

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Introduction If you ask anyone about the importance of leadership, you will undoubtedly hear about how important of a task it is. Ask that person what leadership is and you will hear as many answers as the amount of people you ask. In all honesty, there is surely a decent amount of subjectivity that goes into it, but there are certain things that are non-negotiables in leadership. I have read my fair share of leadership books whether for class or for leisure. I could always pull certain things that I liked or believed would be helpful as I am being shaped into the leader that I one day hope to be. However, this book was different.
In other leadership books I've read, it is hard to take some of the authors seriously. Not because the things that they were writing were bad, but I didn’t know about their credentials. It’s very possible to write about a topic without having any experience with what is being written about. Likewise, someone can write a lot of seemingly great things about leadership, but if they aren’t a leader then I would take it with a grain of salt. One of the comforts I had while reading this book is knowing that I did not have to worry about that with Al Mohler. When he writes about leadership, I can know with certainty that he has walked the walk. The roots of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary are rich, but it had gone very far downhill. I was told by one professor that for a stretch in the latter part of the twentieth century, if you were serious
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