Leadership Reflection Paper

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Week 1
When I attended my first lecture of Principle Management and Leadership my first thoughts on the module was quite positive, I understood why and how this module relates to my current course. This Subject is quite new to me and I hope I gain a deeper understanding to it, so that it could enhance my current skills and possibly gain new ones. My main aim is to understand up to date key theories and concepts which would be relevant to the Travel sector. Points of interest from the lecture (Kanuga, 2017) HEAT stands for Hospitality, Events, Airline, Airport and Tourism. The HEAT industries quite often overlap with each other; this is because certain distinct areas of work which falls more broadly into other industries e.g. Airline companies working alongside tourism organizations to sell package holidays etc., Different industries working alongside each other so that they could provide a high-quality service to wide range of customers.

Week 2

I visited the Paul Hamlyn library and I found a book titled, Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management practice 14th Edition. The book contains in-depth coverage of all key areas essential to HR function including human resource management, employee engagement and performance. But I mainly focused on Chapter 39, titled leadership and management development. The book isn’t quite specific to my industry, but it does contain key concepts and terms which widely covers the human resource management in all industries. chapter 39 focuses on key concepts and terms on leadership and management development and what organisations can do to develop affective leaders and mangers. It starts with a definition of leadership and management, then it goes it into explaining the difference between them and why they closely linked and equally important, it also compare the difference between them. The chapter also contains three different case studies Cargill, Diageo and HML.

Week 3
Leadership is ill-define concepts with countless meanings to it. But According to Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management practice (2017, p. 374) chapter 39, defines leadership as the action or the ability to inspiring group of people or an organisation to do their

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