Essay on Leadership Reflection Plan

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Running head: LEADERSHIP REFLECTION PAPER Leadership Reflection Paper Shaynee Olson February 18th, 2013 University of Phoenix CUR/510 Dr. Park Abstract The purpose of this research is a self-reflection on the author’s personal leadership style. This research will include qualities of effective leadership, the author’s philosophy of leadership, and examples of the author’s leadership style. This research will also include a reflection of the author’s personal strengths as well as how the author’s personal strengths influence the leadership qualities the author has and how the author can improve her leadership style in the future. This paper is a self-reflection on the author’s personal leadership style. This paper will…show more content…
If one has no leadership ability, one cannot be a leader. If one does not make what his or her followers consider the correct decisions to achieve their goals, no one will have faith in the leader's abilities and, consequently, no one will follow and without followers, there can be no leader. Another important criterion which one must have in order to be a leader is a person who leads a crowd in the direction where the goal can be accomplish as well as someone who acknowledges a problem and finds solutions to it. Examples of the author’s leadership style are once everyone is on the same level; the leader organizes people into groups focusing on particular tasks. The leader oversees everyone and every committee. He or she has to make sure everyone is doing what should be done and takes advantage of everyone’s skills in order to get the job done. When a new problem arises he or she reacts quickly and efficiently to solve it. For example if a discussion arises among two of the committees dealing with a particular task, the leader determines what the problem is and solves it by having someone else accomplishing the task. The author’s personal strengths are compassion, fairness, kindness, integrity, gratitude and open mindedness. These personal
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