Leadership Role and Style: Personal Narrative

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During my past employment, I had the chance to exercise leadership roles, managing a group of three, and train new employees. One way to motivate them was to let them leave early on the last working day of the week. I also empowered them by providing them some consulting work, which they felt that it was shown to the client as their own work in order for them to feel that they were part of the team and have a sense they belong to the organization. Therefore, this behavioral approach that I exercised would be considered as Employee-centered Leadership. This is because I focused on the people doing the work, while delegating decision making, and satisfying employee needs, which created a creative a supportive work environment (Rama). From there, I also sat with each one alone and try to figure out the goals and objectives that he or she wanted, which was either in the organization or educational wise while developing ideas on how to accomplish their goals. Therefore, as an Employee-centered leader, I was responsible for others and being a team player as well. As a leader, I feel that working in a group or team is a must to see progress within the company. In order to see progress within the company, working together as a team is very important. When the employees see the leader working with as a team, they feel more motivated to work. They feel equally as important as the leader. By enhancing this equality, a team will create a concept that suits the diverse needs of the
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