Leadership Roles And Management Functions Of Nursing Theory And Application By Marquis And Huston

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Ethics Paper Katelin Bethany Jackson NSG 488 Leadership 19 September 2017 Ethics Paper Massage the Dilemma When reviewing our text, Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing Theory and Application by Marquis and Huston, in preparation for this paper on ethics I thought it imperative to establish an accurate description of what ethics is. Marquis and Huston define ethics as the following: Ethics is the systematic study of what a person’s conduct and actions should be with regard to self, other human beings, and the environment; it is the justification of what is right or good and the study of what a person’s life and relationships should be, not necessarily what they are. Ethics is a system of moral conduct and…show more content…
refuses and begins ranting on how he deserves to die. House, being house gets impatient and gives the patient pain medication to sedate and quiet him. The situation presents a unique perspective on terminal patients and the patient’s right to refuse treatment. Outline Options If presented with the described situation in the clinical setting there would be three options to consider. Option one; do nothing I could choose to overlook the obvious disregard of the patient’s wishes. While option number one ensures the patient is free of pain or at least comforted for a short time, his wishes are disregarded. Option two; physically stop the physician from administering medication in order to properly respect the patient’s right to choose his own treatment course. Option three; I could inform the physician that the patient has decided to refuse all medical treatment and then if he still administered the medication I could report him to my superior. Review Criteria and Resolve In order to decide upon an appropriate previously listed option above I first have to reflect upon my own values and determine which action is best. Upon review I feel very strongly in the principles of autonomy, informed consent, and beneficence. The principle of autonomy dictates that a patient has the right to determine his or her own plan of care. In this situation, it would dictate that I respect the man’s right to choose his own plan of care; furthermore, it dictates that I

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