Leadership Rounding Is The Practice Of Leaders

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Leadership rounding is the practice of leaders, whether that be executives, directors, managers, supervisors or team leaders walking around to their team members (staff) for the purposes of engaging with them and customers. (Marshal 2012) For managers to make good, informed decisions, leaders need to know what is happening on the front lines of their business and the best way to gather actionable information is to observe directly and hear first-hand from staff (Marshall 2012) There are proven documented reports and studies demonstrating that Leadership Rounding is successful. So much so that it can be seen in the history books, with examples such as by Alexander the Great as he was famous for riding his horse among his ranks of soldiers before combat, calling out individuals by name and exalting their bravery in prior battles. He connected with individuals and inspired his army as a whole when he rode into battle with them through. Further examples are Tom Peters where he used the term "Management By Walking Around" in the late 1970s and the Japanese know it as taking the "Gemba Walk," and Quint Studer is famous for his "Rounding for Outcomes." No matter what it is called though, the same core principles of hospital rounding remain steadfast. (J. Stephen Lindsey, FACHE, Principal, Ivy Ventures, LLC, and, Brett Corkran 2012). There are many documented benefits of Leadership Rounding, some include:  Illustration of Commitment by the leader to staff.  It allows leaders
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