Leadership Secrets Of Colin Powell

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The book, Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell by Oren Harari provides an interesting overview of the leadership exhibited by one of the globally known bottom-line leaders in the United States. The exceptional perspective on the role leadership plays is provided in the book, using Powell as the case study. From the perspective provided by the author, the leader is revealed as one who was able to portray successful leadership within the military, although it is a place in which is hard to achieve side-by-side leadership. On the contrary, Powell is able to demonstrate that leadership is more about responsibility and accountability as opposed to privilege and rank. It is all about complete commitment towards a common mission, portraying audacity and determination, evaluation of standards of performance, attending to details, overcoming the status quo, and empowering followers.
Discussion of the Book’s Contents
Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell contains words, wisdom and insights of one of the most influential figures in the history of America, Colin Powell. It is a source of inspirations from his humble beginning in Harlem to becoming the Secretary of State. The book provides a background of his birth and upbringing, but more importantly his success story as a leader. His journey in leadership is vividly described in the book, rising through the military ranks to becoming the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Being wise and determined, the leader rose to be among
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