Leadership Self Assessment : Current And Aspired Leadership Behavior

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Leadership Self-Assessment

Current and Aspired Leadership Behavior I am a very goal oriented person and will help people to achieve my goal or theirs if I can. Everything I do is because of a goal that was set either by myself or by a situation. I’ve had many times in my life where that has served me well, but at times it has also created a moment of loss of understanding. I have many different leadership roles in my life. I have been a Site Coordinator for a VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Preparation) program for several years, a parent and a manager.
As a Site Coordinator I am required to oversee several people, review the tax returns they prepared, schedule, and answer questions. There is usually government grant money involved and with that comes accountability and expectations. I often had to assess a volunteer’s ability, knowledge, and efficiency all within a matter of a few hours. Some of them, I took a transactional leadership role while others it was a transformational style, usually at the same time. My volunteers that could get the job done with minimal guidance received transactional. They kept the schedule moving and I would do what I could to help them any way I could. My volunteers that lacked the confidence or knowledge base that I thought they should have had, they received the transformational leadership. I asked about their day, I would play up their strengths, if they were slow but thorough, I would commend them on their ability to not make…
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