Leadership Self Assessment : Current And Aspired Leadership Behavior

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Leadership Self-Assessment Current and Aspired Leadership Behavior I am a very goal oriented person and will help people to achieve my goal or theirs if I can. Everything I do is because of a goal that was set either by myself or by a situation. I’ve had many times in my life where that has served me well, but at times it has also created a moment of loss of understanding. I have many different leadership roles in my life. I have been a Site Coordinator for a VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Preparation) program for several years, a parent and a manager. As a Site Coordinator I am required to oversee several people, review the tax returns they prepared, schedule, and answer questions. There is usually government grant money involved…show more content…
As a mother, I try to lead my children in a similar fashion. If the goal for the day is to get the house cleaned and all the laundry done and it was going to be a lot of work, I would look at them and say “If you help me with this we will go to Burger King for lunch.” Sometimes that doesn’t work, but there have also been times where I look at them and request a set amount of time for them to help me get something done. This can be a very transactional situation because if they help me at that time it means they will receive something in the future they want like going to a movie at a later time. But being a parent is also a transformational leadership as the children grow, a parent’s influence changes. A parent is not just trying to get through the day, as a parent you should work at building trust and bonds that last a lifetime. Being a parent is the ultimate leadership role because at certain times you need to be transactional, maybe to teach a child responsibility, but every day is also a transformation as the child and you grow and learn something new every day. As a parent, you are taking a baby and hopefully turning them into mature adults that will lead happy productive lives, and children that will respect and love you as much as you respect and love them. Within a family setting, I find every day is a new situation, and I need to adapt to the situation. There are also situations where I like to
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