Leadership - Self Assessment Is A Important Factor For Every Individual

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Hardik Joshi

Instructor: Dr. Margie Gallo
20 October 2013

Self-assessment is a very important factor for every individual as its helps in understanding one’s behavior, personality and leadership style, everyone needs to analyze themselves and need to improve their qualities and performance. Every human being reflects on one’s own actions as it is an essential characteristic of an individual as it seeks constant growth. Such type of thought process helps an individual to prove himself as an effective leader. According to Lussier and Achua, Effective leader are essentially the influencers and asses their own behavior and actions to set an example in the society. In today’s world many great authors has introduced many tools that are available in the market to assess its own leadership trait. Keirsey temperament theory and Lussier &Aucha are the example of such sources. (Lussier & Achua, 2013).
After going through Keirsey sorter exercise I have a better understand of myself and made me aware of different characteristics of individual such as temperaments, types, preferences, etc. which helps me in modifying and improving one’s personality. This exercise helped me to identify my temperament type which comes out to be ISTJ who is “Guardian”. The one of the important characteristic of Guardian is that they most of time speak about their responsibilities, for they have to keep an eye and
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