Leadership Self Assessment Of The Field Of Nursing Leadership

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Leadership Self-Assessment In the field of nursing leadership is critical within the units and nursing practice. However, in the healthcare feel we may find ourselves interacting with different types of leaders. Upon completion of my leadership self-assessment, I was found to be a Participative, (democratic) type leader. To understand what this means the individual must understand that there are three main types of leadership styles. There is the Authoritarian, (autocratic) leader, participative, (democratic) leader, and Delegative, (laissez-faire). In alignment with theses leadership styles, are leadership and management theories. It is also known that certain leadership styles excel in specific work environments. The health care field involves organization, planning and implementing changes. Therefore, the job of a leader can be very complex. Upon completion of my leadership self-assessment. It was determined by a strong indicator of 40 points, that I am a Participative Style leader. My second place scoring of 31 was in the Delagative, (laissez-fair) style of leadership. Coming in last was the authoritarian leader. The type of leadership style that I exhibit is also known as a democratic leader. A democratic leader is known for being very people oriented. The democratic leader encourages input from their peers, and does so with an open-mind. Often decisions under this leadership seem to occur at a much slower pace, (due to taking the time to listen to
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