Leadership Skills And Practices Of Leadership Essay

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1. Leadership is defined by several principles of knowledge, applied knowledge and results. Oxford Dictionary defined leadership simply as, “the action of leading a group of people or an organization”. The Coast Guard sets a great store on the concept and application of leadership skills and practices. The service begins training the enlisted workforce leadership skills at the most basic level in boot camp, with primary focus on followership, team building and effective communications; all of which are elements for leadership. We place such a store on leadership the Coast Guard created the Leadership Development Center (LDC) with a primary focus on training leadership to the enlisted and officer workforce. The LDC created the enlisted leadership continuum which brings us the Apprentice Leadership Program, Leadership and Management School, Chief Petty Officer’s Academy, Senior Enlisted Leadership Academy.
2. Working for over two decades in the Coast Guard I have had the privilege to serve and work alongside great leaders. Ironically, some of the best lessons learned were from leaders who were the antithesis to what I call “inspired leadership”. Due in large part to less than positive experiences, I became somewhat of an authoritarian basing my perceived leadership skills to my professional power base and developed a rather draconian leadership style. This style worked well for me to accomplish goals assigned to my work force but it left something to be desired for
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