Leadership Skills At Home, School, And Work

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After twenty-two years, I have some experiences and roles to show for the leadership skills I use today at home, school, and work. I gained these skills by putting the knowledge I took from these different environments and using them. The Psychodynamic Approach summed me up well as the leader I am. According to the survey, I am an INFP meaning I am an introvert, an intuitive, a feeler, and lastly a Perceiver. My type of leader is described as, “original, values focused, and caring. They work well when they can foster the well-being of others and help people achieve their fullest potential. They seek meaning and purpose in all they do. They offer authenticity and a spirit of harmony, loyalty, and compassion to the people and institutions…show more content…
And last of all the traits, I agree that I am a perceiver because I like the spontaneous-ness of a leader. It keeps things interesting and fun as well as I need a process-oriented approach with work related issues and I have to be in an environment where people keep options and ideas open for long conversation. Perceiving types use these key words like, spontaneous, process-orientated, and open to describe that style and I think it couldn’t have paired me more accurately in this category. Another approach looked at was the Skills Inventory sheet which plays an important role in being an effective leader because you need certain skills to execute big plans, solve problems that may arise, and take initiative among groups. The inventory measures three broad types of leadership skills, including, technical, human, and conceptual. Technical skills deal with one’s proficiency and I scored a twenty-five, which is in the high range. I do believe in leadership and work I am a proficient person because of the effort I put in to all my work I do and therefore why I scored high. On human skills rating I received a twenty-seven, which is again high and this means that I work well with others and try to understand any issues going on other employees, etc. This fits right along with everything else that has been said and with my personality. The last score on the inventory was conceptual at a twenty-six, which represents working with ambiguous ideas. This as well I
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