Leadership Skills For A Good Leader Essay

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This paper would be evaluating leadership skill with the focus on Microsoft corporation and its leader in relation the various leadership skills two amongst the leadership skills would be subjected to critical evaluation, efforts would be made to critically evaluate the factors that drives a good leader and how they affect a brand like Microsoft, benefits, limitations, etc and a conclusion of research and findings. Leadership is a major factor that drives the success or failure of an organisation, good leaders foresee (vision) a need for change and forward movement of an organization and influence, inspire, motivate others into participating in strategized activities that can bring about such positive impact (achievement of goal). The best way to be a good leader is by being an example, Microsoft was founded April 4, 1975, by Bill gates ( alongside Paul Allen), the corporation is not only multi-departmental but multinational , that develops licenses, sells computer software, consumer electronics just to mention a few. Its best known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems (window mobile, vista, 7,8 etc), Microsoft Office office suite(excel, Microsoft office word, ), and Internet Explorer web browser

CRITICISMS OF MICROSOFT Microsoft faced several criticisms which includes; outsourcing to China and India, and their poor working conditions at a factory that manufactures some of Microsoft 's
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