Leadership Skills For A Successful Homeland Security Workforce

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Exceptional leadership skills are compulsory for a successful Homeland Security workforce. Leadership has repeatedly shown to influence employee morale, productivity, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, stress and resilience (Committee on the Department of Homeland Security Workforce, 2013). Alternatively, poor leadership leads to increased stressors in the workplace (Kelloway et al., 2005). One can develop leadership skills by reflecting on past experiences, and differentiating instances which yielded both positive and negative outcomes. Over the discourse of this paper, leadership experiences in which I have encountered will be examined. For background, next year will be my tenth year working for the same DoD defense…show more content…
To those with families, and other commitments, this could be challenging. It would have been helpful to us, if Leader 1 took the minimal leadership tasks seriously; for instance, performance appraisals. One cannot improve, if they lack awareness of weaknesses. Performance appraisals, one of the few one-on-one times we had with Leader 1, was more or less just a check in the box. As long as the department work was getting done, in Leader 1’s eyes you were doing a fine job. There were no observations of areas which could use improvement. Given none of us are perfect and all happen to be mid-level employees, I found this to be a great disservice. Moreover, areas in which we thrived were merely glossed over without any recognition. Then there’s the day-to-day work week. Generally, we performed the same work functions without trying to throw a wrench in things (or in other words, create more work for the team). The monotony and redundancy became an issue for me. When we worked on unique team projects, it usually required collaboration with other departments in the organization. Leader 1’s, “do no little or no more than required attitude” would transfer to these projects as well, pitting us as the group that no one really wanted to work with. Despite Leader 1’s less than desirable leadership skills, he is revered by his peers as a subject matter
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