Leadership Skills, High Communications Skills And Good Team Working Ability

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Modern business is becoming more and more challenging and to cope with this challenging environment, managers need to follow certain organizational behavior. Organizations in both the public and private sectors are facing changes including political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental issues. In my opinion, managers should have Leadership skills, high communications skills and good team working ability. These certain qualities are most crucial for the managers to run their profit making organization successfully. As the world is becoming more and more technologically advance, managers should make a good relationship with others. So alongside these above qualities, inter personal skill is also very important. In my opinion, these skills are related with one another. In order to successfully face these challenges, organizations need to ensure that their leaders and managers at all levels have a complete understanding of their roles, goals and required competencies. In our organizational behavior course we learn that, there are three different types of managerial skills, which include technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. In my opinion a successful manager should have a combination of them. High quality leadership is the most important attribute of a successful manager. Leadership transforms a person’s potential into reality. Leaders are a key human resource for any business organization. Better leaders develop better employees
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