Leadership Skills Of Jean Watson And Michelle Obama

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The Leadership Skills of Jean Watson and Michelle Obama
Oluwatoyin Adekonye
Georgia State University The Leadership Skills of Jean Watson and Michelle Obama This paper will talk about the leadership philosophy of two female leaders Jean Watson and Michelle Obama, and how their leadership skills have impacted many lives. The purpose of this paper is to discuss what it means to be a leader, types, and characteristics of a leader, why it is important to have an effective leader, qualities, and behaviors that contribute to effective leadership, and compare and contrast between the different types of leadership styles and theories. A nursing theorist, Jean Watson, and Michelle Obama, the wife of the former president of The United
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Lastly, and very important, the skill to communicate efficiently in order to achieve the projected goals (Weiss and Tappen, 2015 p.4). If leaders have the first two skills mentioned above and lack effective communication skill, such leaders would not be able to express themselves well about their anticipated plans to their target population, and this can cause flaws that will affect their leadership.
Furthermore, there are different theories which give insights about why some leaders lead the way they do. One of these theories is the behavioral theory, it emphasized on what leaders do and their leadership styles. The behavioral theory explains three different types of leadership styles namely: autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire. An autocratic leader makes plans, gives direction on how to execute them, and makes decisions for the group. These type of leaders are highly power control. They give little or no freedom to the members. Whatever they say is final. On the other hand, democratic leaders allow members to participate in the decision making. They seek opinions of the members. On the other hand, laissez-faire leaders allow members to do whatever they like. This type of leaders does very little planning or decision making thus fail to encourage others to do it (Weiss and Tappen, 2015 p.
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