Leadership Skills for a Changing Society

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In today's ever changing society, leadership is a skill that will have a profound impact on business operations in the future. Our society of late has been marred by unethical actions that were the direct result of terrible leadership. Leadership will be needed to navigate this turmoil we have subjected ourselves to. Currently, there is a crisis in Europe as nation after nation is attempted to avoid default. Just yesterday (April 13, 2012), the cost to insure Spanish bonds against default rose to the highest level since 2008, as investors worry about the governments ability to pay them back. In essence, it will cost $500,000 annually to buy $10 million of protection against a Spanish default using a five-year credit default swap or CDS contract (Euro, 2012). It is going to take leaders to help abate the influence of Europe's sovereign debt problems on the rest of the world. It is also going to take leadership to ensure that Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France do not need to ever require outside funding again. Through this course in Leadership and organization behavior, I believed I have acquired the foundation needed to lead a group of individuals to a common objective. I also believe I have acquired the needed skills to help motivate and challenge my team to achieve superior results. To begin, what is leadership? This is a common question throughout any leadership course. I have obtained the answer through this course. Leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate
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