Leadership Strategies For A Changing World

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Focus Paper
Canon W. Chandler
Leadership Strategies for a Changing World
June 18, 2015
Dr. Joel Olsen
Empowering Leadership and its Effectiveness

The purpose of the paper is to analysis a position in leadership within the next five to ten. The culture of the organization is affecting its ability to function as a viable company. In this paper we will give a brief history, current situation, recommendations and conclusions.
Encompass & Is History
The company is In 1980, Encompass Inc., was founded by Howard Chandler father of the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Canon W. Chandler. This comes at a time when the company current CEO was plagued with many health issues. After 35 years
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When leaders allow team-members input on decisions, it gives them a sense of authority – that in-turn adds to the strength of the organization enhancing team-members abilities to help themselves as well as others. Chen & Chung (2014), “Then, the leader’s sensitivity to member needs fosters positive relatedness. A constellation of such behaviors is empowering in the sense that it inspires change and self-determination on the part of the followers”...”empowering leadership leads to follower satisfaction of the needs for competence, autonomy, and relatedness, which in turn contributes to performance and adjustment” (p. 624-625).
Some team members require micromanagement, but self-managers are self-sufficient and tend to manage themselves. Chen & Chung (2014) “Self-management is defined as a self-process that “facilitates behaviors that are not naturally motivating and that meet externally anchored standards” (p. 622). Self-managers motivate themselves to do their jobs. Leadership allows self-managers the independence they need to perform their job and in turn they know the limitations. External factors, in some cases, are transformed into internal inspirations ensuring task are completed – this assist leadership with organization tasks. Knowing task related to the organization proves that self-managers are supportive and empowers organizations.
Charisma & Bad Leadership
Leaders should empower team member positively but there are leaders that give
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