Leadership Strategies

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Leadership Strategies 1) Introduction (brief description of your Scenario) Our company has been in business for more than ten years now. As an organization, we have had our fair share of success and obstacles, but all in all success has had the bigger share. In all the cases, we have increased our efforts to specialize in our respective field and take it to an entirely new level (Hood, 2007). There was a time when our company had few resources, and we had to opt for improvising and using the available resources to get us going. The following year we were able to get enough resources, and we got back to our feet (Ifezuo, 2011). During this period, there was war prevailing in our country. Availability of resources became scarce due to the war. The limit of resources started to decline the economy of our country and most companies stated recycling as a method of finding resources (Marshall, 2010). 2) Vision and mission (what is the goal or point on the horizon) Target: Managers across the country can have impressive progress for their organizations through re-designing and strong performance. Vision: to increase the market share to 60% in less than 12 months by setting up new plants in foreign countries Mission: to offer competitive products while penetrating into new markets 3) Identify Situation or Environment needed for action or change When the war was coming to its final destination, most companies in the country had been destroyed. Much was to be done to get
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