Leadership Strategies and Organizational Planning at Google Inc

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Leadership, Strategies and Organizational Planning at Google, Inc. Google Inc. is a multinational corporation that has enjoyed, over the years, the reputation of being both one of the most profitable corporations and having the best employee/workplace culture, as reflected in news reports and research studies conducted in the past eight (8) years, since its initial public offering (IPO) in 2004 (The Economist, 2009; Johansson, 2010). Its success as a highly profitable and successful corporation stems from the sound business and organizational decisions that the corporation has made, driven primarily from strong strategic planning and execution of its organizational plans. This paper will discuss the role of planning in influencing and enhancing Google's leadership and strategies as an organization and business, respectively. Google Inc. may be a business and operates within fiscal systems and structures, but it has made a point of maintaining a "flat" organizational structure, wherein employees are not beholden or accountable to anyone in the organization. Rather than promoting hierarchy, seniority, and pay grade, Google promotes innovation and sharing of ideas. Rather than evolving into a corporate culture, Google has made a 'conscious' business decision to move away from being corporate and instead, continue being an organization where ideas are openly shared, discussed, and explored. Google is specifically well-known for its belief system, wherein founders Sergey

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