Leadership Studies Minor At Baylor University

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The Culmination of my Leadership Studies Minor The Leadership Studies Minor at Baylor University provides students with the opportunity to learn about leadership in ways that will be useful in their vocation. Classes in this minor are designed to teach students about the theoretical and practical uses of leadership that are relevant to the work force today. The leadership courses I have taken at Baylor and my time as part of the Leadership Living-Learning Center, better known as LEAD, has shaped my opinion of the importance of the Leadership Studies Minor. This paper will examine how the Leadership Studies Minor helped me learn about myself as a leader and guided me to pursue my passions in the next chapter of my life. In my first semester at Baylor I was forced to quickly adapt to both the pace of college classes and the demands of LEAD. My freshman year in LEAD fundamentally changed my view of leadership, specifically how I could be a leader in situations that I hadn’t been before. Coming into college my previous leadership experience was limited to being the captain of the tennis team at my high school and the oldest of seven in my family. These roles were similar in that because I had the most authority, based on skill for the tennis team and seniority over my siblings, I felt comfortable in a leadership position. I quickly learned as part of the LEAD program and in my first leadership course, Introduction to Leadership, that being a leader is much more than being

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