Leadership Style Analysis

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Leadership Style Analysis Abstract The following pages focus on analyzing the leadership style of Rahma Al-Mashrafi. This is an important example of transformational leadership. The Introduction provides information leadership styles, and presents the points of view used in writing this paper. The next section provides important information on the background of Al-Mushrafi. The Key Capabilities of the Leader section discusses some of the most important characteristics of Al-Mushrafi that make her a successful leader. The Conclusions section discusses some of the most important issues addressed in the paper. Introduction The business environment and the factors that influence its characteristics have determined companies to develop strategies intended to improve their position on the market and to increase their number of customers. Most of these companies focus on strategies based on the products and services they provide, and on the costs associated with them. Other companies that have important tradition on the market and that have reached high levels of success focus on complex strategies that also include an increased interest on the workplace environment in which employees develop their activity. This is because in order to benefit from strong performance of their employees, these companies must ensure that they are satisfied and motivated in their work. However, it is difficult to ensure the motivation of employees. This is one of the most important reasons that
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