Leadership Style Analysis Paper

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The IS department is managed and led by Wayne, who has been in charge of all technology related needs for the company for over ten years. During my research and analysis of Wayne and his leadership practices, I have identified three leadership practices that he utilizes on a frequent basis. Wayne is an interactive leader, who is charismatic, and makes the right decisions when needed. Each of these styles of leadership that Wayne displays contributes to his overall success in the department.
His interactive leadership practices promote collaboration between team members because he is constantly bringing everyone together to discuss current tasks and issues. The entire team has several meetings each week to discuss these issues all under Wayne’s guidance. While Wayne brings everyone together, he also ensures that every team members needs are met by working on an individual level. If a team member is struggling with their work, Wayne will jump right in with them and help them resolve the problems they face. This goes beyond the workplace as well; if someone is having personal issues, Wayne is there to help them resolve those issues because he knows that if team member’s personal lives are steady, then their work lives are steady
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With the degree of issues that are faced on a day-to-day basis in the IS department, Wayne gathers the input from all staff members and works toward making the right decision. Most of the issues are technology related and requires input from employees because the outcome will also affect them. This is why Wayne relies on his subordinates to provide the vital input, which will lead to that right decision. Wayne will call for a team meeting, and everyone will gather to discuss the issue at hand. If a resolution was not found, he would send everyone out to conduct further research until he can ensure that the right decision is
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