Leadership Style, Change Theory, And Collaborative Practice

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Introduction The healthcare field is constantly changing and frequent practices and procedures are reviewed and updated based on evidence-based practice (EBP). Research and EBP guides us in identifying areas that need improvement or revision. Whether it be new practices, procedures, protocols, or equipment, nurses are expected to be able to adapt to change. At Sacred Heart hospital, a new intravenous pump (IVP) will be introduced hospital-wide. The purpose of this paper is to describe what leadership style, change theory, and collaborative practice will be utilized in implementing the new IVP and how healthcare economics plays a role in its implementation. Topic IVPs are an important part of care during most patients’ hospital…show more content…
It may be helpful to inform the staff of the reasons behind the change to IFuse to help lessen resistance. The change model that will be applied to the implementation of IFuse is Lewin’s change theory. Lewin’s change model contains three parts: unfreezing, moving, and refreeze. In the unfreeze stage, an individual or in this case a collective group, has become aware of the need for change. The high volume of errors in medication transfusions has prompted the hospital to become aware of the need for change. In the next stage, moving, the specifics and elements of the change are planned and then begun. All staff involved in the implementation of IFuse need to agree that the current situation, a high volume of medication errors, is unsatisfactory. All staff should recognize that the medication transfusion errors are a serious threat to patient safety and strive to become a change agent. If a nurse were to offer to teach and educate fellow nurses from their home unit after they have learned how to use IFuse, they would be considered a change agent because they are working to bring the change about. The last stage, refreeze, the changes are incorporated and maintained. The IFuse will have replaced all old IVPs and the staff is competent on its use. Collaborative Practice and Economics According to the American Nurses Association’s (ANA) standards of professional performance,

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