Leadership Style : Does It Really Matter?

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Leadership Style: Does it Really Matter?

In order for a task leader to be an effective team leader, there are many facets of leadership to be considered. Certain leadership styles have been proven to be a major factor in producing an effective and successful organization. Prosperous organizations demand effective leaders because they are able to modify their leadership styles to suit any task put before them. However, the ability to be consistent with how they influence the behavior of the team proves to be one of the most important facets of maintaining an effective organization. Leadership style represents a leader’s convictions, experience and temperament in practice.
Upon completion of the assessments that were taken to determine my leadership style, to assess my desire to lead and identify my strengths and weaknesses, the results were less than surprising. These assessments suggested that I am a participative leader, I am determined to be a valuable leader and my strengths and weaknesses are those shared by other participative leaders.
A participative leader is defined as a style of leadership where decisions are made by involving those affected by the resolutions in the decision-making process. Participatory leaders attempt to add a sense of democracy to modern management styles which is commonly hierarchal in most organizations. This leadership style allows the leader to be an essential part of the team and assist the team with problem-solving. Participatory

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