Leadership Style : Dr. Carroll

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Leadership Style During the video, Group Work: Leading in the Here and Now (Association for Specialists in Group Work, 2008), Dr. Peg Carroll led a group through the initial stage of group counseling. As Yalom and Leszcz (2005) stated, “in the beginning, the group needs direction and structure,” (p. 313). Dr. Carroll demonstrated an active approach with the clients in the group, often redirecting their comments internally towards one another. For example, at 11:20 in the video (Association for Specialists in Group Work, 2008), Dr. Carroll directed one of the clients, Art, to direct his comments to a specific individual. This occurred multiple times during the course of the session, and demonstrated Dr. Carroll’s ability to actively facilitate group communication towards one another. Even though Dr. Carroll was active in the video, there were some areas I felt she was lacking in terms of effective leadership qualities. Lieberman, Yalom, and Miles (as cited in Tinsley, Roth, & Lease, 1989) outlined four distinct group leadership factors: “emotional stimulation, caring, meaning attribution, and executive function,” (p. 49). Dr. Carroll embodied several of these factors. For instance, in regard to emotional stimulation, she “emphasized revelation of feelings, confrontation, participation as a member, self-disclosure, and drawing attention to self,” (Lieberman, Yalom, and Miles, as cited in Tinsley, Roth, & Lease, 1989, p. 49). However, she also embodied executive function
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