Leadership Style

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Your Organization List 5 10 questions that will determine if this candidate can take charge, organize things, and get people motivated and working again in a Service Department. Five questions that will help to identify the right candidate for the position include: How do you motivate people to do more to make the organization successful? What tactics and strategies do you use to troubleshoot various challenges? How important do you rate individual organizational skills with team success? How do you evaluate and maintain high levels of productivity inside the department? What views do you have on taking charge and personal initiative? These questions will offer specific insights that are highlighting those leadership attributes which are most important to the position. (Armstrong, 2008) (Marquis, 2009) Be sure to explain what information you are looking for with your questions (i.e., temperament, interpersonal skills, etc.). The different questions are focused on finding someone who possesses a number of characteristics including: effective communication / interpersonal skills, teamwork, leadership, patience, understanding and experience. The combination of these factors will help this individual to work well with others and achieve a variety of company objectives. Identifying those people who possess these skillsets is critical for ensuring that the firm finds someone who can motivate and lead the department over the long term. (Armstrong, 2008) (Marquis,
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